Finding Love On An Over 40’s Singles Cruise

by Samantha Baker on March 1, 2013

The dating scene can be incredibly tough to navigate, no matter how easy some of those big dating sites will tell you it is in their ads. The odds of finding someone truly compatible gets a little tougher with each and every passing year, as the number of likely candidates starts to dwindle. By the time 40 rolls around, many people actually start to think that they will never find love. Hitting the dating sites never seems to work, especially since people seem to have knack of being less than truthful on there, with some even posting pictures that are years old.

It can be tough to meet people when you hit the big 4-0, but one way to do it is to book yourself onto an over 40’s singles cruise. It’s easy to think of cruise ships as a place where couples go for a romantic vacation, but singles cruises are really starting to grow in popularity. It really is a great way to meet someone, especially since you know that everyone who will be on board is there for the same reason and will be receptive to meeting and getting to know other people.

One of the biggest problems with dating sites, other than the little white lies, is that you have to spend a ton of time making arrangements and going on dates that are sure to be doomed from the start. On a singles cruise, you can mix and mingle with all kinds of different people. You might even discover that what you believed to be “your type” wasn’t that at all, but that is something you would never have known of you hadn’t decided to go on a little cruise ship adventure.

The great thing about over 40’s singles cruises is that there will be a number of different events organized on the ship that are designed to get people interacting. They know that the people who are coming on board are there to have a good time, first and foremost, but they are also all hoping to meet the person of their dreams. The cruise lines that put on these sorts of trips are well aware of this, and do all that they can to accommodate their passengers on both counts.

There is of course no guarantee that you will have a “Love Boat” moment that will see you sail off into the sunset with the person of your dreams. There is a pretty solid chance, though, that you will make a few great connections and end up with a whole new group of great friends. Just because you don’t find love on your first singles cruise doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try again. It is in fact the perfect way to search for a soul mate while you see the world. Who knows what the part of the globe you will be in when that right person does finally come along.

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