How To Enjoy Cruises For Singles Over 40

by Samantha Baker on June 17, 2012

Cruises for singles over 40 are slowly becoming trendy, affordable, and popular for both men and women who are looking not only for a relaxing vacation, but also something that promises romance. The beauty of taking cruises is that it gives singles privacy and freedom at the same time under unique and exciting circumstances. It is not easy to imagine how the prospects of sun, sandy beaches, and relaxing sea air can lead to romance and chance meetings.

Obviously, single cruises only allow single people to come aboard. However, this should not pressure anyone to finding romance onboard. Keep in mind that romance is not something that can be forced, but rather needs time and effort to properly grow. Anyone who joins cruises for singles over 40 should realize that the primary goal is not necessarily to find romance or establish a relationship, but more importantly, be able to enjoy in a relaxing and stress-free environment.

To help you enjoy more on your cruise, be aware of the following tips.

Do your own research.

It is a given fact that almost all cruises have their own advertisements online. It is easy to understand that some of these ads can be self-serving and are intended more as marketing tools instead of providing an unbiased account of the details of the cruise. This is why it is extremely important for singles contemplating to take these types of trips to check different resources like newspapers and review websites to get a clearer view of what to expect.

Enjoying cruises for singles over 40 can be quite difficult if you get accommodations that look good only on paper. You need to conduct your own research to be sure that your preferences are satisfactorily met. Remember that you will be spending substantial time on sea and it can be very irritating if you are not satisfied with the services and accommodations that you will receive. It would be difficult to expect to fall in love if you are not enjoying yourself.

Understand single sharing programs.

Normally, people who travel alone are commonly subjected to single supplement charges. Most of the time, cabins on cruise ships have been designed for double occupancy to maximize its usage. However, since you are travelling alone, some cruise lines may feel disadvantaged if it is not paid by two people. This is why there can be a possibility of being roomed with another person who is of the same gender of course.

This is actually something you need to double check on before booking your vacation package. It would not pose a problem if you are traveling with a single friend; however, being roomed with a complete stranger can be an entirely different thing. There are also some cruise lines that will allow single guests to upgrade for free to a private cabin should they feel uncomfortable rooming with a stranger.

The beauty of cruises for singles over 40 is that passengers are never penalized by cruise lines for traveling alone nor are they forced to pay for more than half the amount of the room they will use. Compare the different single programs offered for cruises to find the best way for you.

Confirm all information of your trip.

Normally, this can happen to first time travelers, but has been experience by some frequent travelers as well. It is important to be sure that all information about your trip is personally confirmed so that there are no unwelcomed surprises during the cruise. You must take extra note of any overnight stopovers in ports where you may be required to check into hotels.

You should also be aware of the potential weather conditions you will be encountering during the cruise. This will help you pack the right types of clothes and ensure that you are prepared for virtually all types of eventualities. Ask about potential get together parties and the dress code that will be enforced. You would not want to be caught without a formal gown and lose out on the chance to meet your potential partner.

Prepare your take-upon bag.

It is understandable that some travelers may not be motivated to unpack on the first night of stay in the ship. This is why it is important to have a take-upon bag that contains extra clothes and other requirements so you will have something to use on your first night. This can also be used when going to ports so that you can be prepared if you should need a change of clothes.

Pack only the essentials.

Keep in mind that the goal of joining cruises for singles over 40 is to enjoy and find potential partners. This would be difficult to achieve if you spend half your time unpacking your bags, toiletries, and other packed items. Remember that it may take you virtually the same time to pack them again when you reach home port. You also need to consider that there can be limited space provided in your cabin, so taking only the essentials would be most ideal.

Use as much of the amenities as possible.

Maximize the use of the gym, pool, sauna, and any other amenities that you find onboard. Depending on the cruise package that you have chosen, these amenities make require some fees or can be used completely free of charge. Frequenting these places can increase your chances of meeting your potential partner. Moreover, the private moments that you share in these parts of the ship can lead to the blossoming of romance.

There are of course added advantages with keeping fit while on vacation. Aside from the hormones that are released by the body to attract the opposite sex during exercise, it will ensure that you do not get sick and spend the rest of the cruise in your cabin or sick bay. That would be contrary to your goal of enjoying the trip. You must also consider that you may have already paid for majority of these activities, so why not use them properly and get your money’s worth.

When you begin to enjoy and let go, you also open yourself to various possibilities including romance and love. Following these tips will ensure that the cruises for singles over 40 will be one of your most memorable ever.

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