Top 10 Reasons to Try an Over 40 Singles Cruise

by Samantha Baker on January 13, 2013

Cruises are swiftly taking over the world as one of the most utilized forms of travel today.  Just as with most everything throughout life, people partake in curses for a variety of reasons, all of which are unique to their own lifestyle.  Some go to enjoy the activities abroad from swimming with dolphins, walking along the edge of gorgeous frozen tundra’s, scuba diving in tropical waters, and even the occasional individual zip-lining over the top of a forest.

  1. Friendship: The increase in participants on Over 40 Singles Cruise Ships has become both steady and rapid throughout the past few decades; today it is one of the most active segments of cruises, cruise lines, and cruise packages available.  Having a few thousand people aboard each cruise ship, finding a new friend or companion on an Over 40 Singles Cruise will be easy as ever!  The vast number of people who participate in cruises will make finding friends you can spend time with and partake in similar activities with very easy!
  2. The Water:  There will definitely not be a shortage of this on a trip!  Whether you are taking a cruise ship that sails through tropical waters where you can enjoy the local sights and perhaps some scuba diving, or you are enjoying the on-board activities there will never be a dull moment on your Over 40 Singles Cruise!  When you are travelling from port to port, most of the newer ships are equipped with swimming pools that are Olympic sized or bigger!  From the water slides to the wave pools and even the simulated surfing, you will be hard pressed to find a dry spot or a dry time!
  3. Calling All Ports: Basically you Over 40 Singles Cruise will be a medley of mini vacations wrapped up into one big cruise ship package.  Whether you find yourself wanting to see the islands surrounding Greece, a more tropical scene such as the Bahamas or even the frosty cold glaciers of the north, your vacation is yours to experience.  These exotic stops will be full of fun for you to experience with other like-minded people!  You are bound to find some excitement both on and off board your Over 40 Singles Cruise!
  4. Entertainment: Speaking of excitement on board, there are endless droves of popular entertainment available for an Over 40 Singles Cruise.  Whether it is a big named singer, nightly performance groups, piano bar, bands, magicians, and many others there is always something for you to do throughout your time spent aboard the ship!  There are even cruise ships packed full of poker and other casino games!  Your adventure during your Over 40 Singles Cruise is one you will not forget!
  5. Dining:  Depending on what cruise line you are taking, there will be an endless string of some of the world’s most renowned chefs working around the clock to make sure your palate is satisfied.  You can leave those instant noodles at home, as your Over 40 Singles Cruise will be laced with some of the finest dining from 2 or three course meals, buffets, and even restaurants lining the ship with some of the world’s most tantalizing dishes.
  6. Have a Drink, Socialize: Throughout the course of this Over 40 Singles Cruise you may find that there is a continuous open bar!  Why not kick back, relax, and enjoy the open waters of your cruise while having a social drink with some of the other travelers.  You will find that people from all walks of life are enjoying this cruise as well.  Make the most of it and get to know somebody.  After all, that’s what you’re here for right?
  7. Variation: There will not ever be a lack of variety on your Over 40 Single Cruise.  The ship type varies, the people, foods, drinks, and various forms of entertainment will never leave you feeling like there is a dull moment.  Spicing up your life with this variety is a sure fire way to refresh you overall.
  8. You Deserve It: Let’s face it, frankly you deserve to pamper yourself from time to time.  On your Over 40 Singles Cruise you will find that you are pampered from the moment you get on the ship until the moment you get off with some of the best customer service available.  Make the most of this trip of a lifetime.
  9. Cultural Experiences: With the many ports of call throughout your Over 40 Singles Cruise you will find that you can experience a wide variety of cultural backgrounds in a short period of time.  From the lifestyles to the architecture you will not ever find a shortage of cultural diversity from port to port.  Don’t forget the camera!
  10. Love: Of course, what better to find amidst the free and open seas then love?  Cruises are a fantastic way to seek that special someone in a social and friendly environment where you can enjoy the company of another throughout the duration.  Make the most of your Over 40 Single Cruise!

Whether for long term or just to get back out there, taking advantage of all an over 40 Single Cruise has to offer is a great way to start off your new year, and the new you!

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