Top Places to Meet Singles Over 40

by Samantha Baker on June 29, 2012

A lot of men and women in their 40s seem to have a difficult time in finding potential dates and building serious relationships. It’s not even the issue of age as silver singles have long realized that it is during their 40s that their lives actually begin. This is due to the fact that most middle-aged men and women have already accomplished most of their personal goals in life. What once were dreams are already realities for majority of men and women in their 40s. However, the dream of finding a soul mate or lifetime partner is yet to be fulfilled.
Silver singles are often confused with modern day dating. It is true that the dating has evolved in past decades. Traditional dating practices are left unnoticed as more convenient means of meeting people are highly accessible among a large number of people. For instance, online dating is now becoming the norm. It was a trend a decade ago but due to the high rate of success, a lot of singles, regardless of age, are looking at online dating as a viable solution to their dating dilemma.
Mature singles in their 40s should well consider online dating. It is convenient and secure, thus making the World Wide Web the best venue to look for potential dates, friends, or even a casual mate. Online dating websites and social networking sites are packed with tools that enable mature singles to browse through hundreds of people in one seating. It is possible to have a chance with people who you like through online dating. Although personal profiles only display the physical appearance and basic information on members, it does provide a useful preview of what people can expect from others as well.
Online dating also allows two people to communicate and know each other on a deeper level. This is the most ideal dating solution among silver singles who lead busy and hectic lifestyles. Tools of online dating websites such as email and instant messaging allow them to date at their own pace. Instead of immediately meeting up in person, mature singles over 40 can take their time and really know another person better without risk. Most seniors only decide on meeting up when they are already certain about their feelings and have positive perception towards a potential mate.
A lot of senior singles have become highly successful in finding their soul mate and partners online. However, for those who have lost all hope and have been victims of online dating catastrophes in the past there are other places where you can meet new people, and potentially meet that special someone who you can spend the rest of your life with.

High Energy Spots

High energy spots like bar and clubs are great places where you can meet beautiful people. You can visit a local pub or club and scope for potential dates. It is ideal to ask your friends to tag along with you, just in case you need a wingman. Try not to use nasty or offensive pick up lines. Treat people with courtesy and be a gentleman.
If you are a woman over 40, dress appropriately in bars. You do not want to reel in men who are simply looking to land you in bed. Be sexy, but not slutty. This is a general rule for women over 40 who would like to meet quality men. Although there is scarcity of men in clubs who are actually looking for the real thing, you just might be lucky and end up talking to a guy who you got the hots for.

Do Volunteer Work

If you have got free time in your hands, you can start serving the community by joining volunteer work and campaigns. Join a soup kitchen perhaps. There are silver singles just like you who participate in such programs. Volunteering allows mature singles in meeting new people. Who knows? You next girlfriend or boyfriend might also be a volunteer just like you.

Try Out a New Sport

You may have let go of yourself in the past few years. A failed marriage may have caused you not only depression but a substantial amount of weight gain as well. You can redeem the sculpted and toned body that you once had by joining an athletic sport. Make sure to join one which you think will be enjoyable for your tastes and preferences.
If you are over 40, you may want to try out golf for instance. Go to a golf club located near your place of residence. Mature men and women enjoy golf as a sport. If you are highly inetrested in learning a sport, this is your chance to develop a new skill and meet new people as well.


Bookstores are some of the best venues of meeting new people. If you are the type of person who would rather be stimulated through the mind, then there are a lot of smart men and women hanging out in between rows and rows of books at a bookstore. Do make sure that your intentions of going to one is not solely because you would like to check out prospective dates. If you are bookish, chances are you will soon bump into someone at a bookstore which has the same interests and hobbies.


The gym is known to house many good looking men and women. If you are a gym buff, you very well know that there is no shortage of gorgeous-looking singles working out at the fitness center. More silver singles are realizing that health should be priority for them. You will most likely have the opportunity of running on the treadmill alongside a fellow silver single like you. Be friendly and strike a conversation. Your afternoon workout might just end up with a nice dinner afterwards.

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