Where To Meet Women Over 40: Potential Places To Go

by Samantha Baker on May 12, 2012

Meeting middle aged women for the purpose of dating can be quite difficult and challenging if you do not know where to meet women over 40. The common presumption is that women over 40 who are attached but open to dating usually stay at home while those who are single do not seem to care for the nightlife or dating scene. To increase your chances of meeting the middle aged woman of your dreams, you must know where to start and how to go about it.

Definitely, you will never find night spots being advertised as hangouts of women over 40, nor will you find them in the phonebook. One of the keys is thinking of social events and gatherings aside from being creative. Before you embark on your journey, it is extremely important that you already know what to do once you get to your destination, otherwise, you will be immediately shot down by the first woman you meet. Some places where to meet women over 40 are:

1. Get out of your house

Any middle aged man looking for women over 40 would not find it insider their house. This means the time for self-pity and sulking is over and you should be ready to go on with your life. It is true that chances of meeting a potential date over a morning cup of Joe would be a bit slim, but staying at home would reduce the chances to virtually nothing. Be aware of the best times to go out of the house like going shopping in the evening for example because this is normally the time when working women over 40 pick up their grocery orders.

2. Look at the crew

When going to different places that you patronize, do not just try to look at the customers in the establishment. Also focus your attention on the crew like the cashiers, bartenders, or baristas for example, this makes local bars, coffee shops, and clothing stores some of the best places where to meet women over 40. Majority of these service crews are tasked with serving customers directly, which means that every opportunity to talk to them is already at hand.

The entire process of asking for a date is fast tracked by the favorable conditions that work to your advantage. The important thing to remember is to be composed and confident and know exactly what to say. Keep in mind that when you go to these types of establishments with the purpose of finding potential dates, you should be prepared by dressing up well and making yourself more approachable.

Female bartenders have proven to be one of the easiest persons to approach. This is especially true during a slow night in the bar. Bartenders are known for chatting up their customers as well as lending an ear to readily listen to the woes of their customers. Make sure though that before you ask the bartender out on a date, you should have frequented the place a number of times before doing it. Begin with some small talk; do not just blurt out the invitation.

3. Count on your friends

If you are particularly shy or do not have the confidence to approach women over 40 directly, then it is time to count on your friends. There is no question that your friends would be about the same age as you and would know other singles that you may have a chance of dating. Being setup by your friends with their other friends would make it a bit easier and more comfortable because of the common ground. This can prove to be a great way for you to get started on dating.

4. Get some workout in

If you are wondering where to meet women over 40, one of the most obvious places to go to would have to be your local gym. Not only will you be able to meet women in great shape, but you will also have the chance to get yourself into shape. Moreover, the number of interesting women that you may meet can prove to be ample motivation to keep you on a long-term workout program and regain your health.

It is also important to note that the human body emits certain chemical during exercise that makes people more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex. Seeing someone regularly in the gym gives people the feeling of being comfortable around them and allowing them to become more approachable. This can be the ideal start of a good dating experience with women over 40.

5. Meet your women online

In this age where everything and anything can be found on the Internet, it also proves to be one of the most interesting places where you can meet women over 40. One of the most obvious places to go to would be online dating websites that are designed specifically to cater to the needs of people looking for potential dates. Regardless of your technical skill level, going online on your spare time can be a productive way to find your ideal partner.

Many singles looking for potential dates or partners prefer to meet other singles online primarily because of the controlled environment that they work in. Many online dating websites have security measures in place that will ensure that all its members are protected from being victimized by scams and unscrupulous individuals.

Another good place where to meet women over 40 online would definitely be social networking websites. The beauty of this method is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and provides a wide playing field regardless of the time of day. With women from virtually all parts of the world being online in different times, the potentials for meeting dates is extremely high.

An obvious advantage is that men who are a bit shy can remain anonymous when meeting women online. Of course, this type of anonymity can work both ways, which means that you can never be sure that what you are seeing online is the same person behind the keyboard.

There is no question that there are other potential places where to meet women over 40 is possible, but these five would be an extremely good place to start.

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