Best Dating Sites for People Over 40

by Julie Edwards on January 18, 2012

The magic and convenience of the internet means that people who are even over 40 can enjoy online dating. Many online dating sites allow not only people of all ages and walks of life to join, but also people from across the globe to meet. You may find someone just about your age to have a good time with. If you plan on dating for something more serious than a night out, then it can also be done with an online dating service.

Just because you are 40 doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet to find a suitable date. Online dating websites can allow anybody to find a date that matches his or her strict criteria. Most sites offer the ability for people to filter out through thousands of members by age, height, body type, interests, and even the color of a person’s hair. The ability to post up pictures can also mean that you can get a good look at the person you might pick, whether that person is over 40 or not.

Caution: Online Dating and Your Safety

Being 40 means you are armed with more wisdom, experience and knowledge than most daters. If you are unfamiliar with online dating, however, then you may have some more learning to do; the online dating game can mean your dating experience will be much different than you are used to. If you do manage to safely navigate the deep recesses of the internet, then your date should turn out pretty normal.

Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate the digital seas for your dating treasure.

  • Be weary of scammers, frauds, and criminals. There are much less of these internet undesirables than a warning like this would have you believe, but there is always that off chance that you can run into one. Keep a shrewd eye and mind out when browsing through members’ pictures, listed information and other parts of an online dating profile.
  • Part of a scammer’s agenda may also be to steal money from you. It is important never to share any financial information with somebody you have never met on the internet before, even if you do end up meeting the person you are thinking about dating based on an online profile.
  • Take every member profile you read with a grain of salt. Not everything on a person’s online dating profile may be true; so be sure to get in contact with a person before deciding on a date. This can also help you get to know a person better before moving on to an actual, physical date.
  • Don’t get your hopes up too high. The sea of online dating is a very vast and wide one, so if your first date does not work out after all the trouble you have gone through on the website, then move on to the next person.

These words of caution should help you be more confident in finding a date, 40 or otherwise, on the many online dating sites today.

The Best Dating Websites for 40 Year Olds

The following websites should help a 40 year old single, as well as people of all other ages, to be able to find a date:

  • – One of the largest dating websites today, offers some of the most flexible online dating features and filters ever. With a huge database of registered members, an intuitive layout and comprehensive search features, you too may find somebody who is about 40 years old and looking to date others. Advice columns, picture galleries, and memberships which unlock even more features are all part of the repertoire.
  • – Advertised as a “fun site for serious daters,” this free website can allow you to correspond with other singles, some 40 and above, without having to pay any ridiculous membership fees. You might have to post a picture of yourself within 72 hours so that your profile does not implode on itself, but the many features that this dating site allows may be worth the trouble. You can even view people who have visited your profile page.
  • – People who are on the hunt for a more meaningful and serious relationship than a one night stand may look people up on Chemistry and compatibility between partners, no matter what age, are the order of the day on this dating site. Users can have a trial without having to pay a membership fee, and this includes detailed profiles for finding the ultimate single 40-something.  If you like the site, you can upgrade to a paid membership.
  • – With over 30 million members and counting, you should be able to find a single who is about 40 years old on One may guess from the slogan, “Sexy personals for passionate singles,” that this site is all about casual encounters. You too may end up finding somebody your age to have a good night out with, as well as other passionate things in the process.

With all these websites at your disposal, you may end up finding the person you have yearned to spend time with, but never expected to get. People of all ages get lonely from time to time, and that is a fact. If you are over 40, then you can use these dating sites so that you can “cure the itch,” so to speak.

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