Are You Over 40 And Single, but not dating?

by Julie Edwards on July 24, 2012

So, you are older than 40 years old and you’re about to hit the dating scene once again. Dating after 40 sometimes has a negative connotation attached to it for those who are looking from the outside in. It can seem exhausting to have to go through getting to know someone, and falling in love all over again. We challenge you to look at the benefits to dating after 40, and how it can make you come alive again as a person. Not to mention, there are certain benefits to dating after 40 that you probably never even thought of that you should try to focus on especially when you are entering the dating arena once again. The rest of this piece we will take a look at those defined benefits to dating after 40 and how they can really serve you well as you enter back into the game.

Remember when you dated when you were younger and there was a element to certain people you dated not really knowing what they wanted in a man or woman? The good thing about dating after 40 is that there is none of that messing around that comes with when you were young. Unlike when we are young we now know exactly what we want and most importantly we know the type of personality we are looking for in someone we date. The bottom line is, at the age of 40 we are already the person that we strive to be and are no longer going through developmental stages of our growth as a mature adult. We know we want and it is just a matter of us finding it. This can be a new wonderful point of you to have when you enter the dating pool once again.

Another thing that comes to dating after 40 is your experiences in life have led you to be able to predict certain outcomes. Odds are the experiences you’ve had other relationships have taught you a lot about the way the opposite sex behaves. This way we will not be surprised when something happens and will be able to rebound a lot better if something unfortunate should occur. It is not that we are void of feelings, it is just that our ability to bounce back after something should happen is a lot more when we have perspective and years and years of experience. Those who are dating after 40 really have a good perspective on what the opposite sex needs to have to be compatible with them and their heads are not in the clouds whatsoever. This allows them to see certain situations before they develop and act accordingly.

You may have never thought of this, but dating after 40 also gives us a unique perspective on what relationships are all about. We know that romance is important, but that is not what soley needs to be present to sustain a successful relationship. Maybe it is more important you being the age you are that a man or woman gets along or knows how to get along with your family and friends just as well as they get along with you. Also, what do they do for a living? Can they hold down a job? These are all things that will turn us off the older we get that we may not even consider in our younger days. If there is one thing people dating after 40 want it is a sustainable relationship not something that is fleeting and doesn’t have a fighting chance. If you look back on relationships that are strictly based on romance they never really had a shot to begin with.

Hopefully we have given you reason to look forward to life dating after 40. Some people tend to look at the negative in everything first and if you are one of those people hopefully now you are feeling a little different about this particular area of your life. Think of this as a second chance and another opportunity for you to enjoy yourself and meet some great people. Don’t make it a pressure packed situation, just let things happen and if you do dating after 40 could be one of the most memorable periods of your life.

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