Important Things That You Should Know About Dating A Single Dad

by Samantha Baker on December 22, 2012

single dad datingIt is a reality that many women today face. They meet a terrific guy who seems to click with them in many ways. The guy is obviously a great find, but there’s one catch: he has kids. While the idea of dating a single dad doesn’t strike as surprising to some people, it is one commitment that is actually easier said than done. For one thing, you may be committed solely to your man, but that doesn’t mean that his commitment lies to you alone. He has a child and his attention, time and love will always be divided. Many ladies prefer to avoid this situation, but as their age goes up, it becomes harder to find a guy within their age bracket who is childfree. Dating a single dad has its perks and it has its disadvantages as well. If you continue reading, you’ll learn more about these pros and cons, and including tips on how you can date a single dad.

How To Date A Single Dad

Many women today find themselves dating a single dad. He may be your boyfriend, but everything boils down to him being a father. This can make your dating experience a little more complicated. Here are a couple of helpful reminders to make things less tricky.

• Understand the fact that he may have a tight budget. Who wouldn’t want a gallant guy who would pay for every date, no matter where the venue is? While this can be a possibility for young bachelors, single dads will budget their money, and they will always prioritize their children first. Don’t be surprised with your boyfriend’s financial situation. Instead of worrying about this, learn to adjust to his condition. Suggest fun dates or activities that won’t take him out of his economic comfort zone.

• It’s not you so don’t take it personally. How many times have you experienced getting a date cancelled at the very last minute? In the case of single dads, situations like this can frequently happen. Remember not to take it personally. Emergencies will come up and while there is that shadow of doubt in your mind that he’s probably making it all up, you can never really tell especially since he’s prone to cancel plans due to his children. Relax and learn to cope up with these situations. Learn to walk in his shoes and understand his situation.

• Learn to listen. Dating a single dad will require to keep your ears and mind open to his stories and concerns. He will talk about his children often. Don’t resent him for bringing his children to your relationship. When he tells you about his family, it means that he wants you to know them better.

• The ex factor. There is a large chance that your man still keeps in touch with his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend for the kids. While they’re no longer together, they can still meet regularly, which can spark a bit of confusing emotions for you. If this is something that you feel like you cannot handle, then perhaps a relationship with a single dad may not be the best option for you.

Why You Should Date A Single Dad

They say that while dating a single parent can be very tricky, it can be worthwhile once you’ve managed to get the hang of it. Not sure if you should continue or delve in a relationship with a single dad? Here are some key points that can help you with your decision.

• They take things slow. If you’re afraid of having a relationship that suddenly goes fast forward when you least expect it to, don’t worry because single dads tend to slow the pace of their relationships. He wouldn’t want to frequently involve his children to numerous temporary girlfriends.

• Patience is a virtue for single dads. No one knows how to be patient more than a parent who’s raising his kid on his own. Not only are single fathers patient, kind and highly responsible, they can be very organized as well. If you’re looking for a family man type of guy, a single dad can be one smart choice.

•Parenthood changes a lot of people. Becoming a parent can turn anyone into a responsible, caring and composed adult. Even people who previously didn’t have these traits tend to develop them once they’re faced with the challenge of taking care of their own child.

• Single dads know how to have fun! Drama is inevitable in any relationship, but one of the perks of dating a single dad is that they are not ashamed to act silly and have fun.

The Disadvantages Of Dating A Single Dad

While going out with a single parent has its advantages, it has its downsides in return.

• The presence of the ex never really goes away. Since kids are involved, the mother will always come into the picture. Your boyfriend’s children will talk about her frequently and even your boyfriend himself will mention and even meet her once in a while. Once your relationship has gone to the next level, you might even get the chance to see her yourself. Expect that there will be tension, especially on your part during your first few meetings. Some girls have even resented the ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, which cannot be healthy in any relationship.

• Are you fond of doing wild and spontaneous activities with your boyfriend? If you’re dating a single dad, this habit will become difficult to keep. Even during the less serious part of the relationship, you and your boyfriend will have trouble getting some loud and crazy fun. Heck, even sex can become limited since he needs to be home before the babysitter charges him a fortune. Even if you decide to spend the night at his place, you will still end up being extra cautious.

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