Meet New People With European Vacations For Singles

by Samantha Baker on January 2, 2013

Traveling is something that people prefer to do with company. However even though it’s fun to go sightseeing with a family member, friend or a lover, it can be quite liberating to travel alone as well. There are many reasons why people prefer to travel alone. Some do it to unwind or relax, and then there are others who travel to look for love and new opportunities. Many people travel alone to Europe because it is a safe destination that has beautiful and breathtaking sites. A lot of single individuals have even become lucky because they had the opportunity to fall in love during their trip.

While Europe is the perfect location for that extraordinary date, there are also some men and women who go to Europe to search for love. Luckily for these people, Europe is rich with organizations and clubs that are open for tourists. Europe is also teeming with active trips that tourists can take to meet new people who might share a common interest with them. Thanks to European vacations for singles, finding your next love can be more exciting than the mediocre trip to the bar or coffee shop. Here are some helpful reminders and information that can be of use to the seasoned and newbie traveler alike.

How To Meet Someone New In Europe

Everyone knows how much of a romantic place Europe is. While people believe that it’s the best place to travel with a lover, it is also a great continent where one could party and perhaps even meet their next boyfriend or girlfriend. We’ve summed up some of the best ways and places where you can meet new people who are also looking for love or companionship in Europe.

• Singles cruise. From the name itself, a singles cruise is a boat or sea trip organized for single individuals. Technically there are singles cruise that sail around Mexico or the Caribbean, but during the summer, a singles cruise in Europe is also available. One of the most popular singles cruise in Europe is the Magic In the Mediterranean Summer Singles Cruise. This cruise will last 9 days and it will pass by beautiful and romantic cities like Rome, Palma de Mallorca, Messina, Barcelona, Marseilles, etc. The price for these singles cruise will depend on the package you want to get. There are a lot of fun activities for single people that you can join during the cruise. These ships will usually have bars as well as clubs where you can meet other people that might catch your fancy. As for the rooms, you can either have a room solely for yourself, or you can pair up with another roommate, just as long as they belong to the same sex. Getting a roommate will let you save more money.

• From Innsbruck then all the way down to Salzburg. Do you enjoy hiking and backpacking through the countryside? If you do, have you ever considered joining a hiking group where you can meet single people who have a passion for trekking as well? ‘Wayfarers’ is one of the few companies in Europe that are offering a guided walking tour around the enchanting lands of Austria. This walking tour is the perfect opportunity for single individuals

to meet new people and enjoy the culture of Austria at the same time. During the tour, you get to have the chance to experience local cuisines, music and drinks. You will also see the small but quaint villages in the countryside. Fresh air, wonderful scenery and excellent food. Many people believe that a walking tour is one unique but excellent way to meet your soul mate.

• Hotels that are strictly for adults. When you’re planning for European vacations for singles and you want to stay in a resort or hotel that houses adults alone, there are many adults only hotels and resorts spread around the continent that you can choose from. These adult only resorts and hotels will have clubs, bars, Jacuzzis, cocktail lounges, libraries, and much more. Villa Katikies, which is found in Greece, is an example of these adult only resorts.

• Traveling alone in Europe. While there are some single people who travel Europe with a friend, there are those who prefer to travel and meet new acquaintances alone. Traveling alone is a picture that scares a lot of people, especially women. Because of their fear, these people miss out on the chance of meeting the love of their life, and the chance to see Europe in all its glory. Women are afraid of traveling alone because of the possibility of getting attacked or raped while abroad. Sexual harassment happens practically everywhere, and if you do travel to Europe, you will get pinched, hooted at, propositioned or prodded. However even though these occurrences are common in Europe, your chance of getting raped while traveling alone is actually pretty slim. In fact, there are fewer reports of rape in Europe than in the United States. On the other hand, women who are seen walking alone are potential target for thieves. When you travel alone, make use of your common sense. Don’t go for empty alleys, and always keep an eye out for your bag. Europe may be a beautiful place, but some of their streets are crawling with thieves waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike at an oblivious tourist. If you travel alone, don’t overdress or underdress yourself. Refrain from wearing real jewelries, shorts or revealing outfits that can make you susceptible to petty thieves and sex offenders alike.

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