Meeting Over 40’s Online – Some Common Sense Tips

by Julie Edwards on December 17, 2012

Dating for over 40’s can be a horrible task, where do you look for a date when you are this age? Most people you know will be taken and happily married; your workplace might not be seen as the most suitable place to find a man/woman so where do you look now? In today’s world of technology online dating has proven to match up many men and women around the globe of all different ages.

Dating sites can be misunderstood by the more mature percentage of the population. Within their adverts dating sites tend to seem although they are aiming their service at younger people, but the truth is their dating sites are aimed at people of all ages. Dating sites are for everyone and as long as you have access to the internet could be the perfect way for you to find your perfect partner.

When setting up your profile you want to highlight your positive side and keep it short and simple. Don’t make it too long otherwise no one will take the time to read through your profile. Spend a good amount of time looking at the competition you have on the dating site you have chosen, make sure there is not too much competition in your age range.


Younger people who use online dating sites tend to think of looks as the most important part of choosing a partner, they value it over personality. Younger people (18-24) value looks 10 times as important as personality shown in recent surveys. Older people who use online dating (40+) value intelligence as the most important part of choosing a partner. Over 40’s value intelligence highly and therefore if you have the quality you should be shouting loud about it to your possible partners.

Advantages of dating over 40

You may not be used to the technology side of things when it comes to online dating but you as an older person will have experience in many different area’s that young people don’t, which is why older people tend to do better than younger people when it comes to dating online. Here is a list of several advantages you have:

  • You have a very good idea of what you want in a partner.
  • You have a good experience of judging people’s character and reading them.
  • You have a far better idea of who you are, you needs and wants.
  • Older people tend to go into dating with eyes wide open because they know time is not on their side

Free or paid

When it comes to dating sites you have two types free dating sites, and paid dating sites. Many people who are looking to save money or are just not willing to dish out cash to get access to a dating site go with the free sites. This can prove to be a bad decision because there tends to be more people who are not so serious about dating on the free sites.  The paid sites are full of people who are serious about online dating and are looking for their next partner. We advise you start of dating with a proven paid dating site to save yourself time and effort wasted on someone who may just be messing you about.

Safety First

Meeting people for real for the first time if you have met them online can be a strange meeting if you are not used to it. You need to be careful and keep your private details to yourself until you feel comfortable enough to let someone know them. Make sure you do not give away details to people you have not met yet.

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